Jun 12

God is Satisfied

The plan of God is so simple, yet so beyond our humanity to fully comprehend. It is multi-layered, the peeling away of layers granting us an un derstanding of an additional glorious part of His plan.  Paul refers to it as the “mystery of Christ.”  God is constantly willing to reveal to us another level of the depth of His love, grace & majesty.

All He requires is faith, believing in what He accomplished through the finished work of Christ. Yet we are taught that it is our behavior, some adherence to a set of Christian standards that pleases Him and gives us peace and success.

This is rooted in self-focused thinking

“Religion”Plan-Design could be a more relevant characterization, wherein the challenge is for the flesh to attempt to live up to the standards of God. (Many times not actually the standards of God, but rather denominational admonishments or cultural imperatives for Christians).  Teaching is commonly heralded that holds forth discipline, accountability and “right living.” Scripture teaches us that in our flesh is no good thing. Any focus other than simple faith and belief in the love and grace of God, and in what He accomplished in His plan through the finished work of Christ, is just plain wrong. We are to believe and receive what He determined to be satisfactory, and what He accomplished in and through His Son.   The entire book of Hebrews details God’s plan, and assures us that He is satisfied; there is no further sacrifice to be made. There is no further work to be done in securing for us a place of right-standing with Him.  Right from the start in Chapter 1, the point is made that the work of Christ is finished – “when He had by Himself purged our sins, sat down at the right hand of the Majesty on high.” Jesus is seated at the right hand of God the Father.  He is not busily going about the task of trying to fix things. He cried, “It is finished” as He died on the cross.  God’s plan had been fulfilled.  The sacrifice for sin for all eternity had been made.  God was – and still is – satisfied!

It is imperative that those who are on the journey of the Christian life, know and believe in God’s plan, and accept that He is satisfied.

This is foundational to growing in relationship with God.  Jesus said that eternal life is “knowing Him” (John 17:3).  Relationship is based on many things – trust, acceptance and communication to name a few.  “Knowing God and His Son” is relationship – the relationship that Jesus died to make possible to all who believe.  It is impossible to engage in relationship with God if there is doubt regarding His love, His grace, or His satisfaction which flows from His Son’s sacrifice for our sins. Focusing on trying to please Him when He is already pleased is an exercise in frustration, and takes the emphasis off of Him and His goodness, and places it on us.  Talk about wrong!  It is an affront to God Himself to think that we can undo or add to what He did in the giving of His Son – allowing Him to be subjected to violence, shame, mocking, and a most horrendous death. Teaching that certain behavior or a certain amount of giving or a particular act of service can move God to a greater degree of satisfaction with us is nothing short of insulting.  God had a plan.  He implemented it. It is beyond our humanity to fully understand it – “His ways are higher than our ways” (Isaiah 55:9). He gave His Son and fulfilled every one of His requirements necessary for us to have life abundantly and eternally.  He has “blotted out our transgressions and remembers our sins no more!” (Isaiah 43:25)

What is our act of obedience under His plan?  Simply to believe!

Believe and receive His love and rest in the finished work of God through His Son.  It is simple, almost too simple for our rational minds and sin-focused doctrines to fully accept.  But it is God’s plan, and He IS satisfied.  Begin today to throw off everything that might hinder you from simply believing.  Today can be the beginning of experiencing eternal life…knowing Him like never before.  Let the new journey begin!

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