Oct 01

A Prophetic Word Confirmed

The Lord said a prophetic word to me, “I am going throughout the earth setting things on fire. In some places it is like grass that needs to be burned so that new grass can spring to life. In other places it is like dross being burned away so that silver can shine. In other places I’m setting on fire with passion hearts that are earnestly seeking me. In every instance, I am burning away the old so that the new may come forth and that my glory may be revealed. I am burning the dead things so that my glory can be evident throughout the earth. And what is my glory? It is my love, endless, pure, blazing with passionate intensity. I am setting the earth on fire with my love.”

I heard God say this during dinner, and about an hour later was wondering if I had actually heard Him. In fact, I wondered aloud to my daughter, “If God were sitting here right now would He say to me that He’s not really setting things on fire?” Immediately, as soon as these words came out of my mouth, as we were backing out of a parking place at the local library, I turned and saw the sky – and it looked like it was on fire!  I’m not kidding you, ask my daughter.  The whole way home the sky kept getting a brighter orange, and by the time we crossed the major highway on our way home, the entire sky looked ablaze!

At home I shared with my wife what had happened

She said, “I saw it! The sky looked like it was on fire!” She had even taken a picture as she was walking out

God confirms a prophetic word with a look of fire in the sky

God confirms a prophetic word with a look of fire in the sky

of the house. It was amazing!  God had let her see the same thing my daughter and I were seeing, and she captured the image on her phone so that there would be a visual reminder of His faithfulness in times of doubt.

God spoke to me a prophetic word to encourage the church that He is indeed moving on the earth.  He is setting the world on fire with the purpose of revealing His great love.  Then He actually heard me wonder aloud if I had really heard Him speak this to me, and within literally seconds, showed me a confirmation in the sky. Very cool!

God Is Speaking a Prophetic Word

The Bible says that God reveals what He is doing to His servants the prophets.  (Amos 3:7)  Even in 2014, God is using men and women to give voice to what He is doing.  He is moving, burning up the things that are dead and revealing the life that is left behind.  He is doing this to reveal His glory – His burning, passionate love demonstrated in the giving of His only Son for us.  God is really very awesome!


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  1. Great article on God’s prophetic word and current movement in his creation. It should not be a surprise that God speaks today whether prophetically or otherwise. What is surprising is that more Christians are not listening to what Abba is saying and then walking with him in obedience. God is burning the things that are dead and some of these are branches in the Vine that have not been fruitful. Thank you for not only being a hearer of God but a listner and doer.

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      Awesome! Thank you for the encouragement!

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